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Academy Weekly: Art in Design for Everyday

Can you believe we’re entering the last several days of April? Yeah, we can’t either! It’s been so packed with things to do and places to be, especially at the Academy, and still we keep gearing up for more. Before we lay out what’s going down this week on the blog, let’s do quick look back at what did transpire in the world of art in design/art and design.

We had a great week for content for April 15-19. Would be a shame if you miss out on it.

Events & RSVPs

  • We’ve sent out a call for our annual PCAE Summer program, so if you or anybody you know would like to take the first taste of what it’s like to go to art school, this would be the best opportunity for it.
  • Last weekend, we had the Atlanta leg for the Academy’s College Connection series. We have one more coming up later this weekend so watch out for that!
  • It’s only a couple of weeks away and we can’t wait to see what this year’s batch of student designers have in store for us at the upcoming San Francisco Spring Fashion Show 2019. Make sure to RSVP stat!

Practical Creativity

Here are a few examples of creativity that has a practical impact on your day to day. You may not realize it much, but there’s no denying that art in design is definitely all around us.

  • New to the city and would like to take in as much inspiration as you can for your future architecture career? You’ve come to the right place. San Francisco is just teeming with fantastic structures and buildings everywhere. Simply walk around and you’ll for sure have your fill.

  • Industrial design encompasses such a wide variety of things when it comes to practical everyday items. From kitchenware to transportation, we need the creativity of industrial designers to come through with ideas that will make life just a little bit more convenient for us. On a much bigger scale, our School of Industrial Design starts our students early with experiencing how the industry works by setting them up for a collaborative project with Subaru. We can’t wait for their final product!
  • Last but not least, with Earth Day upon us—and the pressing need to make more sustainable choices—here are some fashion tips for you to switch to a more sustainable wardrobe. You’d be surprised at how much better you’d feel after getting rid of all the clutter in your closet.

Up This Week

In honor of Earth Day, we’ll take the time to recognize some of the more interesting landscape architecture projects that observe sustainable practices for the benefit of our planet. We also have another course spotlight, this time on Fashion Merchandising and their collaboration with Cappasity, as well as a quick rundown of some of the top, classic jewelry creations for those who’d like inspiration for their jewelry making career.

We’ve also got tips for graduating high school students and what they can look forward to when they go to college, and a few samples of the awesome classes you can take for Communications. All these and more, so stay tuned with us!