Art Education - Capstone

Overview Video: The Relevance of Art Education in Pursuing Art & Design Careers

Every great artist started out as a student. If you dream of making an impact in the art world by serving as the teacher for these budding artists, an art education degree is what you need.

Expand your competencies in the classroom setting as an educator. Sharpen your critical and analytical skills on the theories and practices of art education.

Grow both as a fine artist yourself while also training to become an educator who will be able to effectively share the knowledge to students.

These are but some of the things you can expect from the art education program in Academy of Art University. Make no mistake, art education is going to be all the more relevant in the professional world, especially seeing as how employers look for creativity primarily in their prospective employees.

With art educators inspiring students to further enhance their creativity, you can directly impact their success in their pursuit of their careers and passions.

Check out this Department Overview video on the School of Art Education to see what we mean.

Apply now to our art education program if you want to make an impact on the future of our new generation of artists. Request information from our admissions representatives on financial aid, housing, and other application requirements.