PCAE Art School Supplies

Let’s Get Down to Business: PCAE First Day Reminder!

We hope you all went to PCAE (Pre-College Art Experience) Prep Day, because day one is right around the corner!

That’s right: classes for Academy of Art University’s Spring semester pre-college programs start Saturday, February 23. But before you can throw yourself headfirst into your art, you have to get all your ducks in a row.

For example, do you have your ID card and course schedule? What about everything on your class supply list? More importantly, do you even know where to find your classroom?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, never fear! Our back-to school series can help you keep track of what you need to know.

  • First off, what do you need in your backpack? Use this day one checklist to get organized.
  • It’s easy to get lost in the city. Our facilities round-up has info about our school buildings, including locations and opening times.
  • Did you know that our Campus Safety officers will escort you to your next destination if you’re feeling unsafe? Check out these campus safety reminders, complete with a directory of important phone numbers.

With these lists, day one in the Academy’s pre-college programs will surely be a breeze!

PCAE 101

So what is PCAE, why do people love it, and why should you sign up for it when you have a chance?

For inquiring minds, below are the top five things you should know about PCAE:

  • What are pre-college programs? Well, they’re exactly what they sound like: programs for high school students.
  • But what’s the draw? First, PCAE allows high school students to take art and design classes across our many programs at NO TUITION CHARGE.
  • Second, PCAE also allows high school students to earn scholarship dollars toward their future undergraduate studies at the Academy.
  • Last but not least, PCAE students get to meet other passionate, dedicated peers while learning from industry professionals and creating excellent portfolio work.

Obviously, that’s only a brief summary! To learn more or apply, visit our Summer semester PCAE page or our Fall semester PCAE page.