Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest: Welcome to PCAE!

Happy first-day of PCAE (Pre-College Art Experience)!

You made it! Congrats on taking the leap of faith into mastering your artistic craft and finding your place at Academy of Art University. Our PCAE program offers a brief glimpse into attending an art school in the city. For the next few weeks, you will be learning about all things art and design and what it takes to become a pro in the field.

As much as it is exciting, though, for sure it can be a little scary to be in a new environment outside of your comfort zone too. We get it, so we prepared a few tips and tricks that’ll set you up for success in the program!

1. Are you sure you’re first-day ready?

Time is ticking and today is the beginning of a new chapter in your artistic career. Check out our first day must-have checklist and make sure you have your student ID, textbooks, and necessary art supplies ready for class!

2. Go to school to get to university.

As you may know, PCAE is a program that offers high schoolers the opportunity to attend college-level art and design courses at no tuition charge. But, did you know that you are also earning tuition while attending the program? Every class that you pass in PCAE, you will gain $1,000 for your future undergraduate career at our school. You can collect up to $4,000 while attending the program.

3. Download our Academy app to stay in the know.

In the age of social media, we are all guilty of spending a little too much time on our phones. Well, with our Academy app, you’re about to spend even more time on it. Need help finding your classes? Want to check out the latest college event? Or even when’s the next shuttle? You can find all your questions about the university and more answered instantly.

App for iOS downloadable here
App for Android downloadable here.

4. Take what you learned in class beyond the classroom.

Leverage your education with working artists and designers in San Francisco. Aside from learning in class, PCAE is a great opportunity to network with fellow artists and designers for a fruitful career. Be bold. Ask questions. Engage in class and discover opportunities to practice your craft more. The world (or San Francisco) is your oyster!

We are excited to have you all join us and hope that you will walk away with a clearer idea of your future! For those of you who missed your chance this spring, you can learn and apply for our Summer semester PCAE or Fall semester PCAE.