Academy of Art Chinese New Year 2019 Float

Academy Weekly: Floats on Parade, Tributes Paid, Red Carpet Glam

Well, that was quite a week. From art school alumni walking down the Oscars red carpet to the fashion school paying tribute to a legend and inspiration, the blog could hardly keep up with its own pace. We wouldn’t blame you if you missed out on a couple or more posts last week, really. And it’s okay–that’s what this roundup is for, anyway.

It’s quite the list, so stick it out with us!

All Things Cool in School

For all the academics, admissions, and finances updates you need:

Course Highlights

Whether it’s web design, UX/ UI, or fashion styling that you want to pursue, you can find everything right here at Academy of Art. All you have to do is take your pick, show up to school, and work hard to earn your degree. Web design is one of the more in-demand careers in today’s job market. Some people will advocate for a DIY approach, but actually, there are more than just a few advantages that would better serve you if you get an actuald degree from an art school.

Take Your Career Higher with Graduate Studies

Almost done with school but not entirely sure where to go next? Or perhaps you’re feeling stuck in your career and you’re looking for that resurge of inspiration and passion? Whatever point of your life you may be at right now, entertaining the thought of taking up graduate studies is never a bad thing–especially if it’s in an art school.

Smart Money Tips: Cal Grant

Going to university for higher education is a serious investment, you best believe it. There are plenty enough horror stories about student loans that can effectively deter you. However, there are also available options and solutions, such as the Cal Grant. All you have to do is to learn more about it.

Black History Month: Academy of Art Community

In an ongoing observation of the Black History Month, Academy of Art University pays homage to the Black members of our community that we have previously featured for their school achievements and career accomplishments.

Tributes and Red Carpets

Outside stuff that are relevant to us anyway.

Fashion School Tribute for Karl Lagerfeld

The entire fashion industry fell into shock as one of its most iconic designers passed away. The School of Fashion is not about to be left without so much as a tribute, of course.

Art School Pride at the Oscars

Every year, the Oscars rolls out the red carpet, and every year, Academy of Art toots its own horn proudly as alumni join the prestigious list of nominations. One of them is alum’s Shaofu Zhang’s One Small Step nominated for Best Animated Feature.


Isn’t it absolutely the coolest for high schoolers to be attending college courses? We welcomed them on their first day last weekend, but not without first giving them some important reminders a few days ahead of school opening.


We told you: there’s a lot happening in this school. Last week, we had the Basketball Seniors Night where student fans were treated to a friendly game of hoops and some merch. Then, throughout the week, info sessions were also held for those interested to apply in becoming resident assistants. And of course, the big event that’s got everyone super excited for the past several weeks is the Chinese New Year Parade, where we had our own float participating.

Up This Week

February’s on its way out this week, but we’re just getting started. We’ve got course tips coming for those looking to pursue COMMS, inspirational words of wisdom from school directors, and encouraging pieces of advice from alumni that have walked the talk.

Black History Month is also wrapping up, but we will remain steadfast in our appreciation for their contributions to our community. Up next, we focus the spotlight on all the ladies in the house for Women’s History Month, starting with a hero of a captain. We can’t wait to meet her for sure.