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Fall Semester is Officially Open—Welcome Back!

The water’s just fine. Dive right in!

Summer, which we hope you all enjoyed, won’t be coming back till next year, but don’t fret. This fall semester is going to be just as fun, if not even more so.

After all, you can’t beat spending time being productive and developing your skills and talents as an artist. Because while being naturally creative gives you a leg up, putting in the time and work are what it truly takes to become one.

Lots of things to be excited about—it’s going to be a very busy school year for all you Urban Knights. It’s not just all academics that will keep you on your toes, though. There are student competitions, social media contests, campus social events, varsity teams to root for, and of course, the upcoming 90th anniversary celebration of Academy of Art University, among many other different events we have in store for you.

Did you dare expect anything less? Remember, we’re no ordinary school—this is art school. So go get your art on and take the plunge! We’ll be here to cheer you on as you finish this lap.


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Want to be a part of our art school community but just missed out on the fall semester? Don’t worry! As early as now, you can already apply for the spring semester! Still need more information to decide? Get in touch with our admissions representatives. It’s never too early—or too late—to join us!