Sameena Sitabkhan - Creative Mind Podcast Episode 14

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 14: Community Architecture with Sameena Sitabkhan

“Architecture is not something that operates on the space of only one site," says Sameena Sitabkhan, the Community Outreach Coordinator for the School of Architecture at Academy of Art University.……

Creative Mind - Episode 14 - Fred Newman

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 13: Fred Newman, Master Sound Effects Artist

Snap. Wham. Zoink. These mouth sounds are the basis for sound effects and sound design, and are just one of the tools that sound artist Fred Newman uses to create an auditory journey. What does…

Creative Mind-Episode 12-James Cho

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 12: Assistant Director James Cho

While all the glitz and glamour of making films in far-flung international locations is the dream, the work of an assistant director is still rooted in project management. Learn all this and…

Creativity in the Pandemic: Art and Design Career Pivots

Creativity remains among art and design careers as they pivot in the midst of the pandemic.

US Navy Destroyer docked next to a brick building.

Why Military Veterans Should Consider Going Back to School

Thinking of returning to school as a military veteran? Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a degree to help jumpstart your career.

Online Learning Tips: How to Improve Your Home WorkStations

An overview of all the tips and best practices that you can use to better organize your home workstations for artists and designers.

Keyframing a digital animation of a fantasy landscape called Pollution Castle by Ricardo Caria

Keyframe Paintings Basics and Tips

RSVP today to join School of Visual Development alumni and instructor, Vincenzo Barkasy, on August 25 on ZOOM, as he demonstrates how to create filmic keyframe paintings for video games and…

Seven Tips for Creating an Outstanding Art School Portfolio

A good portfolio won't fall into place; it takes creativity and hard work. Here's what you need to know to create an outstanding art school portfolio. Whether you're a prospective student or…

Antonio Borja sitting in a recording booth in front of a microphone

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 11: Antonio Borja on Problem-Solving with Industrial Design

“I really personally don’t consider myself an artist, I consider myself as a designer that uses art to communicate my ideas”, says Antonio Borja, the Director of the School of Industrial Design.…

Soldier in uniform playing guitar

Accomplished Artists and Designers Who are Military Veterans

Let these famous artists and designers inspire you to pursue your post-military career goals in art and design.  Suppose you have just finished your career in the military and would like to…