Academy of Art Celebrates International Women’s Day with New Female Leaders in Art and Design Video Series

This International Women’s Day, Academy of Art University is proud to launch its new video series, Female Leaders in Art and Design, to honor the women bravely “toughing” it out in an otherwise male-dominated industry.

“I was making movies for Showtime, and I was called ‘tough but worth it.’ And the ‘tough’ part always puzzled me because I was just doing my job the way any man would. But if a woman does her job the way a man would, often we’re called ‘tough’.”

For Executive Director of Schools of Entertainment Jana Sue Memel, this was the reality she had to face when she started working in film. And while her experience may have been specific to the filmmaking industry, she is not alone in her encounters of gender inequality at work.

Speaking Up In Their Own Words

The video series features some of the exemplary women professionals in various creative fields that the Academy is fortunate enough and proud to have as part of our art school community.

Through this series, the Academy aims to bring to focus the continuing struggle of women being part of an otherwise male-dominated career environment. There is reason for celebration, though, as positive changes certainly have been made over the course of time—although there is admittedly still much work that remains to be done.

Join Jana Sue Memel (Executive Director, Schools of Entertainment), Catherine Tate (Director, ANM & VFX – 3D Animation), Jan Yanehiro (Director, COMM), Flore Morton (Associate Director, Fashion), Alina Bokovikova (Costume Design Coordinator, Fashion), Dana Jakobson (3D Artist and Instructor, GAM), Elizabeth Shypertt (Advisory Board Member, JEM), and Julie Trachtenberg (Instructor, LAN) as they share their thoughts on women being in the creative industry.

A Preview

The series will feature Academy of Art’s female leaders in art and design individually, and will run over a course of several weeks.

Get to know more about the obstacles they faced, resolutions they made to overcome the same, and their perception of the changes in the status quo. Most importantly, hear—and heed—their advice to female artists and designers out there looking to break the proverbial glass ceiling.

Keep it posted here as we start rolling out the series beginning this week.

Academy of Art University is proud to have practicing professionals in their respective art and design industries as part of faculty. Request information from our admissions representatives for more details on our offered courses and programs. Apply now if you’re ready to start on a one of a kind learning experience with role models such as these female leaders in art and design.