Academy Weekly: Making Slow but Steady Semester Progress

February is about to get away from us, but not before we make sure you’re all caught up with all the cool January things. In this week, we rolled out The Art Bundle, student contests, and more.

Would you believe you’re already about to have your first progress grading? It seems like it was only yesterday (more like a couple of weeks ago) when you first rolled back in from break. And now, the end of the first quarter of the year is literally down this weekend.

Be that as it may, we keep chugging along, onward to new seasons and frontiers. But before that, let’s take a look back at all the sparkling new content you might have missed in the past week.

Campus Life

Last week, Academy of Art University held its Online Open House event to help inform those who may be thinking about getting an art and design degree here. As you may know, this isn’t a one-time thing, so in case you have friends who might want to catch the next ones, you better tell them to keep it locked here.

Meanwhile, a call for applications was sent out for the Resident Assistant position. If you think you’re a shoo-in for the job (it’s got some sweet perks too!) click on the link for more information.

As for further enriching your student life experience, we highly recommend joining art & design competitions. We not only provided you with very strong reasons why you ought to, but also provided you with a list of upcoming competitions, covering various industries, that you can join.

Art & Design

We continue with our series covering entertainment arts, design, and game development/animation and new media.

For entertainment arts, we delved into an overview of what “independent media” means across different industries. That was just Part 1 so stay tuned for Part 2.

Then we took a look at the concept of cinematography in video games. If you’re an avid gamer, you surely must have your own favorite cutscenes, perhaps.

As for design, we took a look at some of the top design programs that can surely help you execute your design plans and ideas.

Of course, the Subaru x Industrial Design Collaboration video series continued along with Part 4 (we just released Part 5 earlier so check that out too!).

Now, we don’t want you to miss out on these fun, informative posts focusing specifically on particular industries or specializations. That’s why we came up with The Art Bundle (T.A.B). For its first iteration, we packaged up nice all the entertainment arts articles we had for January, which focused mostly on the awards season. Make sure you pick up that TAB now.

Up This Week

And as we close off February in its final week, we finish strong with a couple more TABs, a continuation of the student contest lists, and a casting call that you’d want to be a part of, even just one day in your life. *wink wink*

Stay close! We’ll have more for you in the coming days.

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