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Academy Weekly: Pivoting to Sustainability for the Long Haul

We’re finally in April after what seemed like the longest, darkest March of all time. We’re still not out of the woods yet, though, so remain steadfast indoors. We’ll keep you company online.

We hope you’ve been staying tuned because we’ve definitely been keeping our word to keep you posted on cool and fun things you should know about art and design. Such as these updates:

On the University Front

As we made our way into April, the month wherein we celebrate Earth Day, we figured what better way is there to celebrate than with your awesome sustainability design ideas? That’s right, we’re holding a design contest for you all, and not only can you look forward to an awesome prize, but also an increase in your productivity. Or at least it should work that way.

Our Urban Knights athletes are getting some time-off from the rest of the season, much to the dismay of fans everywhere. But as with everything else nowadays, health safety is their number one priority, which is why we’re all too happy to simply wait it out until the next time they play. They delivered some awesome wins before they hunkered down anyway.

There’s also a brand new episode of The Creative Mind Podcast, which you all should be following by now because it’s super engaging and fun. Episode 3 features School of Game Development’s Concept Lead and Drawaholics founder Michael Buffington. In this podcast, though, he not only talks about game designing, but also how illustration plays a huge role in it. Literally going back to the drawing board, really.

Now, the International Women’s Month, March, may be over, but we’re most certainly not done honoring our female leaders in art and design. For this week’s feature, we center the spotlight on School of Communications & Media Technologies director, Jan Yanehiro.

We also sent out word about the California by Design Sneak Peek, which aired over the weekend, so we hope you guys were able to catch that. Just a little something to whet your appetite until the real thing premieres. We’ll keep you posted on that.

 Art, Design, Everything in Between

Must art only be made and used exclusively for art’s sake, or should it serve a higher purpose, such as sending strong political messages? Here are seven artists who believe in the latter, expressing their political statements and putting them on full display through their art.

If politics really isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like to know instead about history—in particular, art history. Textbooks might be too…textbook-y, though, so instead we’re recommending seven art history-themed books for your pleasure reading.

Or if you simply want to step away from anything academic at this point, you know, take it easy and have a break, maybe pick up a new relaxing hobby? We’ve got tips on sustainable gardening right in your own home.

The Art Bundle

Check out these industry articles we sent out in February, in case you missed them or simply would like to go back to it for the fun read.

We were all about game development and how it impacted modern-day pop culture, and also looked a closer look at the best, the worst, and the independent in the industry of entertainment arts.

Up This Week

This week, we’ve got Bonus Episodes from The Creative Mind podcast, another female leader in art and design, and more cool, educational pieces on art history, performance art, and sustainability.

That’s not all of it, though, so keep it locked here to catch them all. If it can’t be helped, well, there’s next week’s Academy Weekly anyway so you can get all caught up.

Stay well and safe out there (and by “out there” we mean hopefully your indoors)!

Academy of Art University has locked down its San Francisco campus for the rest of the semester. Classes continue, however, thanks to our established online education program. Transition from on-site to online was practically seamless, and so our students are kept busy with schoolwork, guaranteeing that they remain on track in their programs.

Get in touch with our admissions representatives to request information on Academy of Art’s art and design programs. Application also remains open, so apply now to get started on that creative career you’ve been dreaming of.