Academy Weekly: Shining at Comic Con, Emmy’s and Beyond

Together with our students, alumni and staff, we’re truly a force to be reckoned with! This week we highlight our booth at Comic Con, Spring Show portfolio and Emmy-winning alumni achievement. 

For many of our students and alumni, work doesn’t stop in the summer. Their dedication, hard work and passion for the arts stretch far beyond the typical school year. We are lucky to witness the well-deserved fruit of their labor this week through Comic Con, Spring show recap and the Emmy’s.

First things first, let’s recap what happened earlier last week. Our School of Game Development headed over to San Diego’s Comic Con to show them what we’ve achieved over the years. A few of our instructors and student artists including Michael Buffington showcased the immense talent from our Game Development school.

On a similar vein a few months ago, our School of Game Development displayed their outstanding portfolio to potential employers on Spring Show Industry Day. The cool spring show booth, student work portfolio and industry day interviews were all featured in the new videos that dropped last week.

Moving onto students who are contemplating which school to go into before Fall! Lucky you, you still have time to discover different fields and what the future holds at this stage. 

Now, let’s highlight our amazing alumni who continue to work hard and achieve great success long after graduation. From two-time Emmy-winner Norma Lopez to an MFA alumnus’s work in Lion King, our alumni inspire us to reach high and work for our dreams.

Lastly, have you been keeping up with the latest fine arts exhibitions lately? We’ve noticed that more and more are incorporating the AR/VR experience to immerse visitors in beautiful works of art.

Up This Week

Any entrepreneurs or small business owners? This week, we’re pushing out a few articles about careers in the field of Jewelry & Metal Arts, Fashion Design, Acting and general information about film degrees. As Comic Con comes to a close, we’ll have a wrap-up article coming your way. Stay tuned!

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