Be A Winner

Academy Weekly: Winning in Contests, Quizzes, Life

It was a pretty action-packed week in our art school for what was supposed to be the end of summer. If for some reason you just skipped on reading the blog, then you missed out on A LOT of cool stuff.

Then again, it shouldn’t come as any surprise, because the fun we dish out around here isn’t just seasonal—it’s all year ‘round.

Last weekend, Academy of Art University opens its doors to those looking to become a part of our art school community through our SF Open House. We hope those of you who signed up were able to attend. As for those who missed it, there’ll be more of these events coming up so watch out for those.

Summer may have been short but it was most definitely not in vain, especially for the almost 100 Urban Knights student athletes that received honors and academic awards. Read all about it in our Summer Roundup.

Acads Focus

On the academic front, we dished out important info on last week’s focus schools to help those that need a bit more understanding of what our programs look like in the Academy—and what you can do with a degree from it.

Be with Winners, Become A Winner

We try hard to keep things well-balanced around here, that’s why we make sure to have a little something for everyone. Big on the blog from last week is the EXCLUSIVE scoop we got from no less than Avengers: Endgame’s head animator, who only happens to be one of the Academy’s top graduates as well.

Another exclusive thing that we had was the Sony XPERIA Film Fest. It’s just awesome to have a major company like Sony trust our students enough with a brand new product so they can showcase their creativity in a film festival like no other. The winners took home some major prizes (umm… $10,000, how’s that for “major”?)

Meanwhile, we gave you have the heads up on the Twitter contest that we should be launching…right about now! Don’t say you didn’t get the memo about it! Head on over our Twitter account and join the contest! But first, read the mechanics in the blog post below.

 As if festival wins and online contests aren’t enough, we threw in a quiz for you as well. This is perfect for those who may still be on the fence about what course to take in college. You should still be able to enjoy this even if you’re already a student; should be fun to see if your choice matches the results of the quiz.

There’ll be more of this, too, so do keep your eyes peeled out for those.

Up This Week

This week, we shine the spotlight on photography as a career, what classes to expect if you’re planning on earning an interior architecture degree, and a much-needed 101 to illustration school for those interested. 

We’re also going to look at jobs for visual development artists, sustainability in design for landscape architecture, and another Academy contest!

Fun times ahead so lock it down here and brace yourself this week!

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