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Academy Weekly: That Time When People Went Inside and the Earth Started Healing

That’s another week in quarantine done, and from the looks of it, there’ll be several more weeks ahead. We hope you’re doing well, because Mother Nature apparently is.

Last week was a celebration of Earth Day like no other. For the first time since Earth Day became a thing, probably, people contributed their best gift to Mother Nature by being off the streets and staying in their homes.

Now we hear of news on how nature is healing, literally, with no less than the ozone layer over the southern hemisphere showing vast improvements. Closer to the ground, we remain indoors. But there’s no room built good enough to contain the creative spirit.

Here’s a roundup of our art and design updates from the past week, as well as a sneak peek at what’s next to come:

  • Happy Earth Day! Thank you to all those who participated and congratulations to our sustainability design winners!
  • The Spring 2020 participants of Academy of Art University’s pre-college program have submitted their works for the PCAE online exhibit, now available for access here.
  • In this episode of Creative Mind, Hollywood producer Chris Moore shares his inspiring stories and practical advice on making it big in the industry.
  • For good measure, we also shared some of our recommended podcasts that focus on art and design. Of course, Creative Mind is on that list!
  •  It’s the best time to take up online classes. Fortunately for you, Academy of Art has a solid program for online education. Need more convincing? Here are some more ways online education can help you reach your goals.
  • With the San Francisco quarantine likely to be further extended, you must be wondering how everyone else is holding up. Here’s a Special Update on how Academy of Art and its respective schools have responded to the pandemic challenge.

For Your Art & Design Information

Keep on learning! You’ve got all the time in the world now:

Up This Week

 We have more on sustainability in the field of art and design, but also, we start looking back at Spring Shows past so we can look forward to the one coming ahead. That’s right, Spring Show 2020 is so on! No pandemic can keep our graduating students from showcasing their best works, and you’re all invited to drop by—online, that is.

As for our virtual events that we know you’re all eagerly looking forward to:

April 28, Tuesday

  • Directing, Cinematography, and Writing Workshop with Jana Sue Memel
  • COM Tuesday Tunes (Recurring): Organized by Urban Knights Radio (and work study Vanessa Salas). IG live

April 30, Thursday

May 1, Friday

  • 5PM: NXTUp Festival live-streaming awards highlighting the best student work of the year.
  • 12PM: Social Distance Learning with Craig Nelson – (Open to General Public + Students) FB Live
  • 1 to 4 PM: Illustration Location Sketching workshop on ZOOM (Recurring) –  (Open to General Public + Students)

Academy of Art University’s well-established program for online education enables us to carry on with our academic calendar uninterrupted despite today’s unique challenges. may have temporarily

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