Jhing Zhao look Fashion Show 2019

Academy Weekly: Winding Down the Spring Semester

It’s been a huge week for Academy of Art, what with all the events that went down. The biggest of them all is the highly successful Graduation Fashion Show, of course, and we can’t thank you enough for showing up in support of our very talented student designers.

There’s no rest for the wicked, though. With spring semester wrapping up in a couple of very short weeks, you can bet there’s still more to expect. But first, here’s a quick lookback at what got served for the week of May 6-10.



For some really cool and helpful art school realness, we had:

Graduation Fashion Show

Missed out on everything Graduation Fashion Show (but how could you, it was all over the blog)? Here are the designer profiles we published it pre-show:

  • Part 1 – Ana Karen Juarez Ibarra, Anna Yepes Tucker, Anna Yinan Zhou, Anrong Huang, Aya Chang
  • Part 2 – Beam Ratchapol Ngaongam, Camila Pinzón, Christopher Cabalona, Chuer Dorothy Yu, Chuqiao Wang
  • Part 3 – Clara M. Chandra and Jack Gunnin, Claudia Tan and Pamela Toribio, Florence Canonoy, Hanan Sabir Argaw, Isaiah Garcia
  • Part 4 – Jing Zhao, Jiru Jia, Kelly Joohui Kim, Linh La, Maya Gunnell
  • Part 5 – Omotoyosi Olajoku, So Hyun An, Supawish Boonprasart, T Camarillo, Xiangyi Zhou and Lamiae Ameziane
  • Part 6 – Xinyue Zhang, Xuan Wang, Yifan Xu, Zizi Ye

You can look forward to a retrospective special on the show itself real soon, too!

Up This Week

You’re all probably busy prepping for the finals, and we understand. Just the same, it would be great for you to drop by and take a breather courtesy of some real cool articles from the blog this week.

We’re taking a closer look at Advertising careers, the Art U Summer Hospitality program, tips on how you can make the most out of your college experience, and a fun list of top original screenplays from the past couple of decades, among others.

So stick around with us!